I'm an independent solo mama, adventurer, foodie, lover of the outdoors, challenge-solver, risk-taker and a life-long learner. Sounds a bit like a dating profile ha! One thing that I'm a true proponent of is taking risks and I must admit it was way easier when I was child-less.  This is a something I want back more than ever! I'm not about to encourage others to take risks and choose their own path if I don't do those things myself.  I walk my talk -- most of the time. I do what I say I am going to do -- most of the time. I too can get bogged down on the things I “should be doing” or being motivated by guilt. Coming from a place of survival and moving towards thriving in my new life - I see those words everywhere maybe because I'm looking for it more and more.

Selfie Me  July 2017

Selfie Me July 2017

A look at my life before independent solo mama-hood included sleep without interruption, skydiving over Australia, bungee jumping in New Zealand, biking Death Road in Bolivia, dancing from dusk til dawn in Ibiza to Miami, taking courses on anything that interested me and leaving my comfortable consulting career to travel the globe. Now, with the new life I brought into this world - BTW completely unplanned - I'm navigating different "risks" and creating a full-filled life with my little family. 

Along my journey, I wrote and wrote, actually I have always been a bit of a writer, and I want to share it just in case others can benefit from it- or at least realize we are not alone! I'm also navigating the world of creating my own website and blog (this one!) for the first time so there will be some glitches along the way. Instead of waiting for things to be "perfect", I've decided to take action and fix anything as they come!

Thanks for joining me, and your guidance is very welcomed!

In kindness, T

Me at sunset in El Valle de la Luna   (  Valley of the Moon  ) in Northern Chile, 2014

Me at sunset in El Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon) in Northern Chile, 2014