Hello. I'm Trisha. You've found me and I've found you! I'm on a journey to thrive as an independent mom and called to help others along the way. Over the last few years, I've re-defined my goals and worked on mindset as an independent mom. I often use the term solo mama as it resonates with me though it doesn't quite capture "independent" as many single parents call themselves "solo". Regardless, I'm independent and solo so I will use the term interchangeably or just merge it as we go along. 

Why choose to visit this site and read my blog? I'm not your typical independent solo mama. I don't believe in the one approach to life fits all. I know we each hold a unique story. You might see yourself in the stories I share. You might also get super pissed off at what I share or even give me a virtual high-five. Either way, I will write with authenticity and heart. My hope is to service as a support for other independent solo mamas on this journey and to create real joy in every day! 


I'm here to offer inspiration, courage, resilience, laughs, advice, coaching and friendship.