Guitar Madness

 - by BloggingQueen

All the guitar talk I have going on, you must think I’m lying…well, nope, not at all, I really do live in a world of music madness. Olivia and Dante actually PRACTICE guitar together! I about fainted last night when I saw this:

Marticn Guitar

Soon I’ll need to invest in music stores zoom r24 bundle so they can actually have a ‘band’ LOL! Let’s see what these two are doing by the end of the month…

Helping Me Cope

 - by BloggingQueen

Awww, we’re all so bummed that we won’t be to Disney World this year :( but me especially, because I know the ‘adult’ reasons why (money of course) and that in itself is just so depressing. My daughter, Olivia, makes those rubber band bracelets (and more), which I think are pretty cool. Last week she surprised me with these :D

Mickey and Minnie bands

Workin on a Sunday

 - by BloggingQueen

Yep, I’m working. Right now I’m researching for an article I’m writing  – kind of a marketing piece, sales pitch, aimed towards people who are interested in taking tango lessons in los angeles. While I’m writing I’m checking Facebook, because I can never stay focused on one thing too long.

Interestingly enough, my newsfeed consists of bitching that there are 6 more weeks of winter…(no kidding, Spring is not until March…), lots of football smack talking already…and some dude died – an actor I never even heard of…LOL

Rainy Day

 - by BloggingQueen

We have gone from a snow storm to an ice storm and to now a thunderstorm…in January…in Pennsylvania! It is crazy! It’s actually in the 50′s here right now, but we’re under a flood warning.

I’m working right now, writing an informative article on for hydrocodone addiction, but I needed a break. Once I finish it’ll be time to hit the shower and go out for a bit – unless I have to swim, LOL.

They Make Waiting Fun

 - by BloggingQueen

No one likes to stand in line and wait, wait, wait…My kids, though, all smiles (and goofy faces) when they wait in line anywhere in Disney :)


Waiting for Expedition Everest #WDW

Waiting for Expedition Everest

Lucked Out This Year

 - by BloggingQueen

Remember when I mentioned all the kids were thinking of playing an instrument this year in school? I mean, Livi even forced me to look at and asked me to buy buffet clarinet b12 at Musicians Friend LOL – no way! Livi wound up joining chorus, whew!

There are still thoughts of drum sets, piano lessons, and guitar lessons, but so far I have lucked out – no noise for me!